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пятница, 20 октября 2006 г.
German states agree PC, phone Internet license fee Crazy Flooder 14:39:20
Reuters says that Germany's 16 states agreed on Thursday to introduce from January 1 a license fee of 5.52 euros ($6.94) a month on computers and mobile phones that can access television and radio programs via the Internet.

Any household or company that does not already have a license will have to pay the new levy, which is the same as the one currently charged for radio access, state premiers agreed at a meeting in the town of Bad Pyrmont.

German households pay just over 17 euros a month to watch TV, but since more radio programs are available over the Internet than TV, state broadcaster ARD wanted the fee for computers and phones to match that of radios.

The plan has attracted sharp criticism from industry groups that argue it would harm German firms, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Germany's TV license fee is among the highest in Europe, with only Switzerland and the Nordic countries paying more. It funds four national public broadcasters, several local broadcasters and all the country's public radio stations.
понедельник, 16 октября 2006 г.
October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die Crazy Flooder 11:09:32
According to a scientific research, the Homo sapiens will extinguish when a Sun flare thrusts the third planet far enough and a new Ice Age wipes all living creatures out. The scientists plan this for October 31, 2 252 006. Quite soon, heh?

Such conclusion came after a geological study by a group Dutch scientists headed by Jen Van Dam. He says that every 2.5mln yrs Earth changes its orbit due to some outer reasons. For the one point, it doesn't allow the Sun to burn our planet out. For another, the threat of an Ice Age seems imminent.

The idea of a global catastrophe is not a new one. American scientists claimed June 4 that the planet would meet an asteroid MN-4 in 2029. However, later that year, in December, Australian astronomers announced it impossible. But the asteroid may return in 2036 with a larger possibility of collision. If the outer space 'strikes back', it will kill all the life on Earth.

Other two scientists sound more optimistic, predicting the Doomsday in some 500mln yrs. If we take the life of the planet as 24 hours, it's only 4:30 AM on Earth. Or 4.5bln yrs of life. 5 o'clock - plants and animals to die out. 8 o'clock - the oceans to evapourate. Twelve o'clock sharp, in 12bln yrs, the Sun will absorb our planet.

The scientists don't leave mankind a single chance to survive. Even if there is a planet like Earth in the outer space, we can't manage to get there.

However, if it may comfort you, I'm glad to say that professors from Sussex even promise that Earth will outlive the Sun and both Venus and Mercury. When all of us die Oct 31, our planet will still continue to exist. It's a pity we won't see this.

Настроение: Awfully bad after all this
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вторник, 10 октября 2006 г.
13 Must Have Firefox Extensions for Web Professionals Crazy Flooder 10:50:22
Web Standards And Designing For The Future10 tips to make your site load like a rocketI've Been DuggThe 10 commandments of Web DesignFirefox Gains, IE LosesCSS Tips and Tricks Firefox Sidebar + Google IG = Useful on any platformWhat should Firefox do?? I am basically a web designer and I use a lot of tools to get my job done. As of today Firefox remains my favourite browser simply because of the vast number of plugins it offers. Well here are some of my favourite plugins for web design and development..

HTML Validator (http://users.skyne­t.be/mgueury/mozilla­/) – validates web pages to the W3C HTML standards with a simple green check in the corner of the page if the page validates, a red check if it doesn’t, and a yellow exclamation point if there are warnings. It also includes an enhanced view of source code that allows you to see where errors are within the code.

FireFTP (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/684­/) – free, secure, cross-platform FTP client that provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. This eliminates a piece of software for those of you who use a separate program for FTP.

Professor X (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/282­3/) – lets you view header information without having to view source code. The page “slides” down and Professor X shows you the contents of the page’s head element, including Meta, Script and Style content.

NikkelWHOIS (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/264­6/) –view the WHOIS information for any page by clicking the button on the top-right of the browser.

IE Tab (http://ietab.mozde­v.org) – sick of swapping between Internet Explorer and Firefox when testing out a web page you’re developing? With IE Tab you can view Internet Explorer in a Firefox Tab!

FireBug (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/184­3/) – an advanced debugger console that lets you monitor your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax.

Codetech (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/100­2/) – web page editor that has the feel of Dreamweaver. An amazing extension for anyone doing web design that doesn’t want to fork out a few hundred dollars for Dreamweaver.

Server Switcher (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/240­9/) – easily switch between sites on your development and live servers by clicking the switch server icon.

SEO for Firefox (http://tools.seobo­ok.com/firefox/seo-f­or-firefox.html) – pulls useful market research data right into Google’s and Yahoo!’s search results, including Google PR, Age, links, Alexa rank, WHOIS, and more. It also adds a few helpful links to the top of the search pages, including Google Trends, Google Traffic Estimator, and the Overture View Bid tool.

Yet Another Window Resizer (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/249­8/) – allows you to resize browser window to default screen resolutions.

AdSense Preview (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/213­2/) – preview the Google AdSense ads that would appear on that page. This is incredibly useful if you are considering putting AdSense on a page and don’t want to go through the hassle of signing up for an account and putting the ads up just to see what type of ads will show.

Screen grab (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/114­6/) – takes a screenshot of the webpage and saves it as an image file. This saves a ton of time compared to the method I used to use – take a screenshot and open Adobe Photoshop to crop the image.

Server Spy (https://addons.moz­illa.org/firefox/203­6/) – indicates what brand of HTTP server (Apache, IIS, etc.) runs on the visited site on the lower-right side of the browser.

From http://33rockers.co­m
:-D Hey, I've got a pretty lot of... Crazy Flooder 10:34:37
:-D­ Hey, I've got a pretty lot of mail addresses at various mail providers. So, I think, if anybody is in a similar situation, you may need Jump2Mail.

Jump2Mail is a free web-based email retrieval application, check all your email-box from one central place - completely free, from any computer, anywhere in the world.
This multi account or multi pop webmail allows you to read all your mailboxes without limit.

You can save multiple email configurations.

To send, receive, remove, answer or transmit an email with Jump2mail is very easy and intuitive because all your accounts malls are consultable at the same place, from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The LINK - http://www.jump2mai­l.com/en/index.php


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